Location: Rural Adelaide

In 1843 an enterprising South Australian by the name of John Ridley created the world’s first mechanical grain harvester — a machine capable of harvesting grain faster than ever before. Called the ‘Ridley Stripper’, it was horse-drawn and although it couldn’t strip the grain from the chaff, it saved a great deal of time. By 1880, improved Ridley Strippers were produced in Adelaide and used throughout Australia and the world. The suburb of Ridleyton was named in his honour.

The Ridley Stripper, invented in Adelaide by John Ridley.
The Ridley Stripper, invented in Adelaide by John Ridley.

By 1883, thanks to his invention, South Australia was producing sufficient grain for wheat to be exported to England and around the world. Grain silos were mass-built and Australia’s grain industry was born.

A large proportion of these grain silos still function today however a few have been left disused and abandoned. Not many of us get to see inside these towering structures. A silo we’ll call ‘Grainium’ kindly allowed us access…

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