This morning was so nice here in Adelaide we just had to get out and do a shoot!

We got into this abandoned building a month back but the weather hadn’t been on our side to do a photo-shoot.

Those who follow our instagram feed will have already seen a few raw pre-post shots.

Upon entering via a sleepy backstreet door you’re confronted with what initially seems like dust, but after viewing the surroundings you realize you’re actually breathing in fine particles of pigeon-poo. A blessing in disguise really, from a security point of view!

With a full set of MS-DOS 4.01 disks (in original packaging) just lying on the floor I wondered if the archaic operating system was now worth a penny?!? It brought back horrifying memories of painful RSI – from repeatedly changing diskettes to install the darn thing. Anyone remember that???.. Kids these days have it so easy!

The ground level seemed safe enough – partitioned offices with a front desk; nothing too scary. The stench of mold made us gasp for air of a cleaner kind though!

Onward and upward over mounds of pigeon-poo we climbed the stairs. Burnt timbers on the top floor indicated a fire had once consumed this space. The roof had caved in from the blaze, allowing numerous bird life to now call this place home.

The history of this building is unclear. We wondered if we were inside one of the original Adelaide Woolworths stores. Without being heritage listed I doubt we’d ever find out. For now though, let us take you inside “Woolworths”…