I watched the store for six months, wandering what it was. It was only recently that curiosity got the better of me. I wandered around, looking through the front of the store window. On the ground, a large pile of letters that hadn’t been touched.

I promptly called WildStar and we managed to find our way in a few days later.

Under the cover of darkness we went in; dodging the smashed pots and vases in the overgrown yard. Nothing could have prepared us for what we would find inside. We pushed the door open and before us sat ornaments, statues, vases, chairs, kites and wooden carved flowers all seemingly untouched.

It seemed so surreal.

We were all puzzled as to why someone would leave something like this behind. We searched through the letters and piles of paper scattered around the shop. Was the owner dead? Could he not maintain the store? We continued to search before we found more than we bargained for: a dead cat lay beneath a blanket in the middle of a room with wooden flowers placed nearby.

Calendars, diaries and receipt books all had active entries up until one single date — the 14th of December 2006. There is no doubt that it’s abandoned, but why?