Gawler Chambers was built as the head office for the South Australia Company in 1913.

The South Australia Company was originally formed in London in 1835 by wealthy British merchants to develop a new settlement in South Australia; its purpose was to build a new colony: us!

During the early period of South Australia’s development, the company displayed great energy and enterprise in building the new settlement. Roads and bridges were built. Mills, wharfs and warehouses were erected. Local whaling, fishing and shipbuilding industries were established and mineral exploration was promoted.

The company purchased 102 lots of land of 135 acres. This included prime town and country sections totalling 13,770 acres. This was sufficient to enable emigration to begin!

The South Australian Company was not officially connected to the government but its interventions saved the colony!

Gawler Chambers now sits vacant, disused and off-limits to the general public; so lets take you inside: