It was a warm sunny day in Adelaide. Hesh, Skold and I were doing another recon mission to this place — previously we found it impenetrable. Prying back a branch of an overgrown bush we identified a fracture in the buildings fortifications.

We squeezed through and onto the grounds.

Drovers Station‘ was once owned by a stockman back in the late 1800s. Disused for many years, the buildings have been left to rot and decay. The floorboards have been mostly eaten away by white ants. The walls turning to powder from rising damp. Large structural cracks from ground movement.

In the yard sits machinery from a bygone era. The 1963 International Harvester VF-190 truck proudly displays its military past on the glove box “… BY ORDER OF THE CHIEF OF STAFF USAF”. The hand-crank of the 1945 Fordson E27N tractor reminiscent of days before electronic ignition systems.

We love the fact that just behind a door or on the other side of a wall lies so much of Adelaide’s history. Having such a visceral connection to it far outweighs reading about it in a book or having a guide explain it to you.