Time Travel

We first discovered Cafe Inferno back in 2017. It was definitely abandoned, but at that time there wasn’t any discernible way in. It had been boarded-up securely and locked.

To better understand our desire to see inside, we’d have to tell you about how enticing it is to be inside an abandoned building.

Part of the reason explorers enjoy sneaking into abandoned buildings is that visceral feeling you get when walking through a door and being transported through time.

In a sense, some doors allow you to become a time traveller.

Behind some doors, you can be transported back in time, like say… Balfours.

And other doors, you can be transported forward in time…

Forward to some post apocalyptic future following a nuclear war or catastrophic event.

Disaster Strikes

Prior to the inferno that gutted this business, the building was a bustling cafe.

But no longer…

Fire tore through it nearly killing the cafe owner in the process.

What was left was the charred remains of a once lively business.

Exploring the Inside

When we entered the building, the smell of burnt wood and plastic was still thick in the air.

Wine glasses were covered in ash. Plastic hand-soap dispensers were melted from the heat. The walls, black as charcoal.

On one wall, the menu placard still hung high with food pricing from the day it had burn down.

Upstairs was the cafe owner’s residence. Two large bedrooms faced the street with a kitchen and bathroom at the rear.

The black soot left no wall untouched.

It was as if we’d entered a future post-apocalyptic world similar to films like The Walking Dead or video games like Fallout.

Will our future look this bleak and dystopic?