Hill House has been described as a “lifestyle masterpiece” with views that must be seen to be believed. And boy, did a lot of people go to see those views!

The sunsets from the luxurious $3 Million Dollar home were nothing but spectacular.

The home, which features 12 rooms, a tennis court and a large in-ground swimming pool with a self-contained pool house continued to increase in value over the years. It sold for $1M in 1997, $1.3M in 2001 and finally $2.95M in 2012.

If you see these stunning images you can see why…

Left To Rot

For several years the home sat disused; becoming more and more run-down.

The swimming pool dried up and the grounds became increasingly overgrown.

Over the Christmas period of 2019 the property was significantly vandalised.

Similarly to Cement Hill, Hill House became so damaged that demolition was foreshadowed.

A warm thank-you to those photographers who contributed to this article.