Seating 2300 people, the Adelaide Hoyts ‘Regent’ Cinema opened in June 1928 and for the next 39 years was known as “Australia‘s most luxurious theatre”.

The facade of The Regent Cinema — Adelaide 1937.
The facade of The Regent Cinema — Adelaide 1937. (Photo courtesy of the State Library of South Australia)

In the 1930s and 40s The Regent Cinema was the place to go to impress! If you wanted to go there on a Friday or Saturday night you’d have to book your seat weeks in advance. Upon entering, a large stairway with fountains on either side led you inside the theatre. There you were entertained by live music played on a huge Wurlitzer pipe organ – played by one of Adelaide‘s top organists.

The foyer of The Regent Cinema — Adelaide.
The foyer of The Regent Cinema — Adelaide. (Photo courtesy of the Australian Cinema and Theatre Historical Society)

Sadly though, in 1967 the Regent Cinema was closed and remodelled into a shopping arcade. All but gone, remnants of its lavish interior can still be seen inside…

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